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How we started


In 1979 Mr. Jerk had its humble beginning in Toronto, Canada in the backroom of a small West Indian grocery chain called Linstead Market. 

This original restaurant was established 1986 in a very small space in the Peanut Plaza in North York, Ontario, Canada.  It was so small that a reporter from the Toronto Sun newspaper described it as not much larger than a closet. No one could ever realize what a phenomena this little restaurant would unleash on the international scene when they offered authentic Jamaican jerk products to their customers for the first time outside of Jamaica. At this time most Caribbean restaurants were only known mainly for their patties, stews, and curries.

For over 26 years Mr. Jerk has been a closely held successful chain of restaurants operated by individual small owners. Mr. Jerk’s reputation for having some of the finest jerk products has spread far and wide.

Is it any wonder why so many of its competitors have tried to imitate Mr. Jerk but none have ever been able to duplicate them?



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